Sergeant Adam Carter, C.ST.J.

Sergeant Carter started his policing career with a large municipal police agency in Ontario in 1998, after graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Physical Education from BROCK UNIVERSITY. He served his first five years in uniform patrol and then transferred to traffic services where he spent four years as a traffic enforcement officer. In 2007 he began a 10 year run as a fulltime collision investigator, before being promoted and serving one year as a uniform patrol supervisor. Since March 2018, Adam has been a Sergeant in-charge of a Traffic Management and Road Safety Team. In 2016, after close to 600 collision investigations, Adam went off work for nearly six months with an Operation Stress Injury (OSI).

It was through his OSI journey that led him to a new found passion and purpose, and he now volunteers his time with his Service’s Peer Support and Critical Incident Response Teams. Adam is a Certified Trauma Responder with the ASSOCIATION OF TRAUMATIC STRESS SPECIALISTS, holds a Certification in Critical Incident Stress Management from the UNIVERSITY OF BALTIMORE, MARYLAND COUNTY, and obtained his Certificate of Specialized Training in Emergency Services with the INTERNATIONAL CRITICAL INCIDENT STRESS FOUNDATION. Outside of work Adam continues to dedicate his time to community service, and has been a governance and leadership volunteer with ST. JOHN AMBULANCE since 1994, and part of their Instructor Development Program for more than 15 years, most recently as a Master-Instructor for their Mental Health and Wellness Course.

Adam is also an internationally licenced soccer coach with more than 20 years experience, and an avid cyclist who volunteers his time to coach his Police service’s Cops For Cancer Cycling Team, as well as captaining their Police Memorial Ride To Remember Cycling Team. He has been with his wife Lisa since 1994, is the father of two young adults, Jared and Erica, an adopted dad to Caitlin, and grandfather to her sons Ryan and Lukas.

Sergeant Carter has been recognized for his “outstanding commitment to community service” by four different Governor Generals of Canada. He is a Commander in the Order of St. John, with whom he has also received a Provincial Commissioners Commendation, a Life Saving Award, and the Long Service Medal of The Order. In 2002 he was the recipient of the Queens Golden Jubilee Medal and was awarded the Police Exemplary Service Medal in 2018. Professionally, he was named the District Officer of the year in 2003, has received 3 Chief of Police Commendations, was awarded the Traffic Safety Leadership Award in 2015, and most recently was recognized for his continued efforts in Peer Support Assistance by BADGE OF LIFE CANADA.


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