Sergeant Adam Carter, C.ST.J.

Sergeant Carter started his policing career with a large municipal police agency in Ontario in 1998, after graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Physical Education from BROCK UNIVERSITY. He served his first five years in uniform patrol and then transferred to traffic services where he spent four years as a traffic enforcement officer. In 2007 […]

Veterans in Pain: Trauma, PTSD & Substance Abuse

Serving your nation is one of the most truly noble acts that a person can do in life. Setting aside your own desires, dreams, and plans to help secure the future of someone else’s way of life is an act that many people are unable and unwilling to perform. But for those who make the […]

Hacksaw Ridge

Hacksaw Ridge, a film that will debut November 4, 2016, will spark discussion about war, PTSD, faith and combat. One of our certified members, Chaplain Ronald J. Ringo Jr. who has served with the Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard, and who designed the original Marine Corps “Warrior Transition Program”, provided technical assistance to the […]

Maintaining Routines after Trauma

Should emergency services workers maintain work routines after exposure to trauma? As a police manager I’ve thought about this question because I’ve seen officers who take time off after witnessing trauma, and I’ve seen others that stick to their normal work schedule.  I’m not talking about just taking a day or two off, since that […]