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DOWNLOAD "Breaking Addictions Grip" by Marian K. Volkman
reprinted with permisssion by Paradigm Magazine, Las Vegas, NV. (PDF file)

Anne Curtis, CTSS, is a long time member and gifted drama therapist who is helping individuals deal with the traumatic stress of Parkinson’s disease and traumatic grief. The following information and video are excellent examples of the utilization of creative arts for healing traumatic wounds by a very creative person.
Download “Addressing Traumatic Stress brought on by Chronic or Terminal Illness” by Anne M. Curtis, MA, CTSS, RDT (WORD DOC)
Download Parkinson's World Conference Poster (PDF)
Florida Hospital (Orlando) Drama Therapy Video (MP4)

Check out member, Scott Giacomucci's, recent article on psychodrama and addiction/trauma recovery in the Mainline Health Women's Health Source newsletter on page 8 -

Dealing with the horror of the Orlando homicides.  

ATSS member, Jennifer Wolff's interview with WLTX-TV in Columbia, SC.